Digital Film

& Animation

We will produce a short promotional video showcasing the best of what your school has to offer! From the school grounds and buildings to the students and staff, we will capture the essence of your school and reflect this through a creative and inspirational video. 

The video will include shots of the schools grounds, from the classroom to the playground, as well as focusing on students enjoying their day-to-day school lives during lessons, assemblies and playtimes. This will be accompanied by interviews and sound bites provided by students discussing their favourite aspects of the school. This will be packaged in a stylish, modern looking video production, incorporating any music, audio or images the school may wish to use.

We strive to capture the heritage and aspirations of your establishment, whilst also representing it as a fun and modern environment provided for children to develop and learn. Through liaising with the school, we will ensure that the video meets your exact needs, and review sessions will allow you to amend and direct the video to suit your taste.

Our experienced and fully DBS checked crew will require only one school day to record the necessary footage, and we will work with the staff to avoid disruption whilst ensuring we capture the best shots to represent your school. Once finished, all video can be distributed by the school. The final video can be burned to disk, uploaded to sites such as YouTube and Facebook or used within the school’s own web site or digital signage. We can replace the scrolling photo carousel featured on many school’s homepages or embed it into any part of the site you wish, giving your school an even more up-to-date, digital and modern look when people visit your site. 

We also offer stunning aerial drone digital photography to give the film a fantastic look.

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