Google Camps

An Introduction to Google Classroom:

What is the course about?
Technology is increasingly being integrated into classrooms to facilitate communication, collaboration, and classroom management, as well as to prepare students for the 21st century. Google Classroom is a classroom management tool that connects teachers and students, provides a way to manage learning materials and workflow in a classroom, and assists in setting up a blended learning environment.

The course includes:
• What is Google Classroom
• Classroom fundamentals
• SignIn
• Classroom navigation
• Classroom settings
• Manage the Classroom
• Create and edit classes
• Add or remove students
• Invite additional teachers
• Class settings
• Archive and delete classes
• Assignments
• Classroom materials
• Create assignments
• Grade, return and delete assignments
• Post questions
• Grade questions
• Communication
• Post announcements
• Student communication
• Guardian communication

This Introduction course is for those who want to learn more about Google Classroom, educators whose schools have recently adopted Google Classroom, educators who have been using Google Classroom, but are looking to brush up on their skills, and/or educators who are looking to discover some tips and tricks for using Google Classroom effectively.

The class will be taught by a qualified tutor with some independent study and skills practice required. Learners who achieve this course can move to the Intermediate/Advanced level to enhance their skills further.

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