Overview: Hilderthorpe wanted a modern digital platform which was also easy for teachers, parents and pupils to navigate. Our WebApp allowed Hilderthorpe to get their news and updates out easily to parents. We provided a professional promotional film which showcased their new school building. Our fully DBS checked crew worked with the school ensuring no disturbance. We had multiple review sessions with the staff which allowed them to amend and direct the video to their exact taste.

As a team, we worked closely with Hilderthorpe, making sure we encapsulated the schools’ vision, portraying their core values. Having a video which captured the school pupils and also exhibit the contemporary building was pertinent to the school. Alongside this, our WebApp and social media integration has allowed the school to post news and updates. 

Ultimately, we fulfilled the clients brief to deliver a digital legacy film to celebrate the new schools’ opening. Launching a fresh chapter for Hilderthorpe through their new digital identity and promotional film is precisely what the school hoped for. Working closely with the school and having multiple review sessions ensured that our vision aligned with their vision, achieving a stunning platform and fantastic promotional film in the outcome. 

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