Overview: Heritage Coast needed a new digital platform suitable for the two schools under the federation – Hawsker school and Fylingdales school. We were able to provide them with our WebSpace+ platform which allowed them to share information for both schools on one platform. A modernised digital identity was the brief given as they wanted an easy user environment for both teachers and parents. We were then given the task to create a new logo which incorporated the religious values and represented the areas of both schools alike. We worked closely with the headteacher of both schools assuring our vision and their vision for both the digital platform and logos aligned with their vision and requirements.

We worked closely with the federation, ensuring we encapsulated their vision and requirements, portraying a parent-centric platform with an easy user environment. Having a contemporary logo was important to the federation, alongside the blended learning platform and Facebook updates. 

Ultimately, we ticked the boxes from the clients brief to modernise a digital identity and create a new logo. As the Federation is new, we had multiple review sessions with the executive headteacher of both schools, creating a perfect environment for both schools alike. We achieved a brand-new platform which completely fulfilled the clients’ vision.

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